Sunday, April 11, 2010

starting my first post

first post.. okey where do i start? may be i should just introduce myself ...
hi i am a female,20 something, single..oh well its complicated but more about that later ..and in a foreign land..trying to finish college so that i can just rush back home but i still got some more years to go. 2 years and 4 months to be exact.

I am not a sucker for technology...any kind of for the tv, and the computer..oh okey add the phones and elevator too... but really i am still getting my head around facebook and have never had a twitter you get the picture? I'd rather read a hand written letter to an email, i hate the idea of not having anything new to tell my freinds becasue i already posted every hour of my entire day on facebook. yea i know. not saying everyone else does that and i am better than all .. but well i dont talk much on the phone anyways..and recently i am kind of a loner in this big i dont have much to tell my freinds anyway. its just a weird sense of power to just be anonymous and vent about stuffs i am not hatisfied least i plan to write about things and people in my like that effect me, positive or negetive.

so one fine sunday afternoon while i was sipping coffee AND contemplating about my not so intresting life, i just decided to do something i'd never do. Go online and put my life out there. haha not that i am expecting a single soul to read this except me. But its a funny feeling that my words are floating somewhere out there in the internet...for everyone to see... if they care for it.

okey i just realized that they dont capitalize the first letter of the sentence and i'll now have to just go do it myself, including the "i"s.. great.. oh well screw it.

i dont know the rules and i dotn know wheter there is a mistake one can do while blogging ... except of course post nude pics of yourself and give ur parents your blogaddress. but if there is a blog police please consider that i dont know the "laws" .....yet. and as for anyone that might be reading this.. hi there. And just say hi in the comment box...or not...

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